Welcome to Help-Mister-Hoppe.com.

This website deals with the disposal of nuclear waste.

Your suggestions can help Herr Hoppe to get rid of his barrel.

Just write him an email (herrhoppe@t-online.de)or join the discussion with your suggestions and ideas below.

Soon you will also be able to visit some experts who will provide you and Herr Hoppe with more detailed information about this topic.

Maybe then he will succeed to get rid of his barrel of nuclear waste in one of the next episodes.

Suggestions to Herr Hoppe (1)

  1. Joey      

    Easy problem to solve...

    Mister Hoppe gets a government grant to dispose of it safely, forms at post office.

    He then phones the French who with some payment take it away, if Mister Hoppe is smart he makes some cash on the deal too :)

    And if the French wont take it, the Chinese will :)


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